Current social distancing guidelines will be enforced during class and while waiting for classes. Volunteers may remind members to adhere to current rules.

  • During club hours all dogs should be on lead in the area of the club and Café Bones.
  • Owners are responsible for their own dogs at all times.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs, using the bins provided.
  • Always ask the owner if you or your dog can say ‘hi’ to their dog. Never allow your dog to rush up to other dogs on the grounds. Never approach a dog that is tied up without first asking.
  • Please allow adequate time to pay fees and assemble prior to class. LATECOMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CLASS.
  • Dogs are not to play with other dogs in class unless directed by an Instructor.
  • No physical or verbal abuse of your dog will be tolerated in class.
  • Owners must wear their name tag to class – no name tag = no admittance. Look after your name tag, it will not be re-issued.
  • Articles left in clubhouse are at owners own risk.

Our Recommendations

What to Wear
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes (thongs are unsuitable).
  • Sunscreen & hat – Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap.
What to Bring
  • Motivators for your dog – ie. food, treats, favourite toy. Treats are available for purchase from Café Bones.
  • Bum Bags – practical to carry personal belongings, treats etc. so your hands are free for training.
  • Appropriate collar or harness, and lead – you can purchase harnesses and leads in our clubhouse. Extendable leads are not suitable and choke chains, electric or prong collars are prohibited.
  • Plastic Poo Bags (it’s up to you to pick up after your dog).

Children in Classes

  • Children aged 12 years and over are very welcome to train as long as they are able to control their dog and abide by the rules. They must be financial members of the club to attend classes.
  • Younger children must not cause any disruption to training classes, and must not approach any dogs or equipment on the training grounds.