Class Content

iINTRODUCTION for New Members

New members will be accepted on the FIRST and THIRD Sunday of each month.
The Introduction is limited to 15 places which will be allocated on a first-come basis ahead of a 9 am class start. Interest in our classes is VERY HIGH and an early arrival is advised to secure a spot. All new members must attend the Introduction which is held over two consecutive weeks at 9am before moving to training with Class 1. A current vaccination certificate for your dog is mandatory – a photo on your mobile is acceptable.

  • Introduction to club, policies and responsibilities, including class times and formats
  • Fees and donations
  • Overview of class content
  • Demonstration of recommended equipment and correct use
  • Discussion and demonstration of positive reinforcement techniques and the importance of body language
  • Overview of basic commands – sit, stand, heel etc
  • Building a trusting relationship with your dog
Class 1
  • Heeling with loose lead
  • Right about turns
  • Sit command
  • Stand command.
  • Socialising
  • Introduction to recall
Class 2

Continuation of First Class exercises, plus…

  • Improved loose lead heeling
  • Left about turns
  • Left and right turns
  • Drop
  • Stability exercises:
    • Sit, stay
    • Drop, stay
    • Stand, stay
  • Leaving and returning around dog
  • Hand signals
  • Short on-lead recall
Class 3

Continuation of First and Second Class exercises, plus…

  • Improved heeling
  • Advanced recall, off lead
  • Sit stay, off-lead
  • Drop stay, off-lead
  • Stand stay, off lead
  • Increased control with distractions
  • Return to heel

Exercises in Class 3 may be on or off lead, depending on environment.

Class 4

Continuation of First, Second and Third Class exercises at an advanced level and may include the following:

  • Extended sit, drop and stay
  • Flying drop, sit and stand
  • Recall with drop
  • Distance commands, off lead
  • Agility skills
  • Food refusal
  • Clicker training
  • Figures of eight
  • Weaving